On my way to Pinyon Breeze

Today I woke up, opened my eyes, and my very first thought was, “Tomorrow I will leave for Pinyon Breeze!”  It made me smile.  It makes me smile right now as I type.  Pinyon Breeze is my cabin in Widtsoe, Utah (a ghost town that once had almost 1,000 people living there). This photo of the old P.O. was taken there by Dorothea Lange: untitled

Our cabin is probably not very far from here.  You can kind of see the same foothills in the background (in a photo of Pinyon Breeze not taken by Dorothea Lange, but by Gerald:


As soon as I arrive at Pinyon Breeze I have the immediate feeling that I am “home.”  It must be a combination of the mountains, the smell of the sagebrush, and the dry clean air.  It reminds me of many family trips of my childhood looking for arrowheads, topaz, trilobites, or just hiking and camping.

I will be there for an entire week–and I can’t wait!


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