A Great Poem, and a Movie Suggestion

Greg and Rachel sent Paul this poem, and I thought the world should enjoy (the world being the 5 people who read this blog!)

We were sorry to hear of your fall,
And that you cannot walk at all.
Not upstairs nor down,
you just can’t get around–
You’re a mono-plegic now, Paul.

You toppled and fractured your femur.
One would have to be truly a dreamer
to look at that mess
And say you possess
The balancing skills of a lemur

Now Barbara’s your nurse and protector
And the stress doesn’t seem to affect her:
‘Cause she’s secretly glad
She can always find Dad
With her trusty new metal detector.

Well, when your good mood starts to flicker,
Just be glad for the health of your ticker.
And when you get annoyed
Just think how you’ve enjoyed
Your handicapped license plate sticker!

Brilliant! What talent!

I’ve been trying to do my best to help Paul through this ordeal–I think I’ll show him “Misery” tonight so that he can be even more thankful for me!


3 responses to “A Great Poem, and a Movie Suggestion

  1. LOL! Glad you got the package!

  2. Such talented, thoughtful people you have in your life. That’s awesome! I hope Paul heals quickly and well.

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