A Two-Seater

I have to admit I am kind of a connoisseur of women’s restrooms. I have my favorites, my most disliked, and so on. But one of the most unusual I have seen is this one:

The only person I can imagine sharing this facility with would be my sister (and I actually don’t have to imagine, because that dream has been realized), and then just possibly my daughter (I would be ok with it, but I’m not sure about Liz!)

Why, why, why was this space designed this way?

My best guess is that it was originally a men’s restroom–and the building had mostly men’s restrooms! It looks like they took out the urinals (and didn’t plaster over where they had been). Now men have to go up a floor or down a floor:

Field trip, anyone?

p.s. Notice that the lock on the toilet paper is bigger than the one I use on my bike! You had jolly well better not try to steal it without an industrial-size bolt cutter!


One response to “A Two-Seater

  1. I recently found a two seater, where was that? I think it was at a rest stop on the way back from Utah, so it could have been anywhere. But I was actually delighted, if bewildered, because I was in there with KJ, and it just made the trip that much shorter! The potty trip, that is, not the 3 day drive.

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