Delusional Dog Owners

I like animals. I like dogs, particularly. I grew up with Fritz, a dachshund mix who was a great dog except that he always wanted to run away (that probably would not have been a problem if we had taken him to the vet for a little snip snip). Lady, Ginger, and Pepper were our three cocker spaniels (oh how I loved those dogs). I mention all of this just so you don’t think I’m a dog-hater–au contraire.

So there I was walking through a quiet neighborhood when a woman approached me from the other direction with a dog on a leash. It wasn’t this exact dog, but it was snarling like this:

I moved off the sidewalk as they approached (because I am a sane, rational human being) and the woman said, “That’s OK Sadie, the lady doesn’t feel like petting you right now.” Petting that dog “right now?” Hmmmmmm.


3 responses to “Delusional Dog Owners

  1. Hi Barbara,
    I just discovered your blog and really enjoyed reading it. When will you update us about your UK trip?

    My best to you and Paul
    Rita xx

  2. I miss you and all my friends at Purdue, too!
    Great pics of your trip and the food – made me homesick for the old county.
    What a wonderful service for your walking trip – having your luggage transported for you!

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