Stuff that is really fun to make that nobody wants

My brother makes violins. When he is finished with an instrument, there is someone willing to buy it for a lot of money. When I am finished with something, it is hard to give it away. There are lots of things that are fun to make that nobody wants. I will mention just a few:

1. Most Christmas ornaments
2. Wreaths made from toilet paper rolls (and in fact just about anything made from a toilet paper roll.)
3. Pencil holders made from juice cans (unless your kids makes them, of course. All bets are off if a kid makes it, so I will stipulate that these are things made by adults of average intelligence.)
4. Leather tooling. I know it is fun to do, but really, no one wants a wallet with a bucking bronco on it.
5. Earrings made from shrinky dink.

The list could go on, but you know what I mean. I went to the doctor today for a checkup, and I read a magazine that had some ideas for easter crafts–but I think you will see what I mean.



There are five of them, but because I like you, you only have to look at three of them. This phot shows Easter baskets you can make with a shredded dictionary. What? Shred a book? That is just wrong.


All I can say is that these children are good sports.

And finally, the piece da resistance:


There are probably people who can pull this look off. It’s quirky. It’s handmade. But I think it proves the title of this post.


2 responses to “Stuff that is really fun to make that nobody wants

  1. Wow… was that from Tacky Arts and Crafts Monthly?

    BTW, Jenna LOVES her giant rainbow shrinky dink earrings and wears them all the time, and ALWAYS gets compliments on them!

    • But remember–that is something YOU made–you are an artist! You can take even shrinky dinks and make something good! Mine end up looking like they were made by a slow first grader!

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