Monthly Archives: April 2011

Hadrian’s Wall

This summer I am going to walk from one end of England to another along the site of Hadrian’s Wall.

Isn't this beautiful?

Needless to say, I am excited beyond belief. I’m going with my brother, Paul, who can literally run circles around me. I am hoping he will not want to run circles around me.

I am preparing by walking on my treadmill faithfully every day. I’m doing pretty well, although I found out today that when I get back from England I will need to have some reconstructive foot surgery (a few screws inserted, a few tendons lengthened, that sort of thing). My foot hurts when I walk, but I think the trip will be worth it.

If God didn’t want me to walk 10-15 miles per day in the beautiful Engish countryside, he wouldn’t have invented Ibuprofen. Oh wait, he didn’t invent that. Oh well, you get what I mean.


My big glasses came

My glasses arrived from wherever they were made (China?) and I like them, although Paul’s first comment was, “Aren’t they kind of big?” Nevertheless, I happen to like them. I’m in a hotel room in Danville, Illinois (Scrabble tournament went 3/7 yesterday , so I hope today is better!). I took this photo of myself in the mirror:


Stuff that is really fun to make that nobody wants

My brother makes violins. When he is finished with an instrument, there is someone willing to buy it for a lot of money. When I am finished with something, it is hard to give it away. There are lots of things that are fun to make that nobody wants. I will mention just a few:

1. Most Christmas ornaments
2. Wreaths made from toilet paper rolls (and in fact just about anything made from a toilet paper roll.)
3. Pencil holders made from juice cans (unless your kids makes them, of course. All bets are off if a kid makes it, so I will stipulate that these are things made by adults of average intelligence.)
4. Leather tooling. I know it is fun to do, but really, no one wants a wallet with a bucking bronco on it.
5. Earrings made from shrinky dink.

The list could go on, but you know what I mean. I went to the doctor today for a checkup, and I read a magazine that had some ideas for easter crafts–but I think you will see what I mean.



There are five of them, but because I like you, you only have to look at three of them. This phot shows Easter baskets you can make with a shredded dictionary. What? Shred a book? That is just wrong.


All I can say is that these children are good sports.

And finally, the piece da resistance:


There are probably people who can pull this look off. It’s quirky. It’s handmade. But I think it proves the title of this post.