Glasses from the Whirled White Web

I got my eyes tested a few weeks ago, and they really hadn’t changed much. I didn’t need new glasses, but I WANTED new glasses. I like the ones I have, but bright red doesn’t go with everything, as you can see:

I saw an advertisement on tv for two pairs of glasses for $78. I won’t name the name of this establishment, but let’s just say it rhymes with Eyeglass Whirled! So I gamely went to look for some fashion specs. They did indeed have some frames for $78–but not very many (and they were out of date and were far away from any mirror). So I thought, I’ll just look at the ones for $129–still, a pretty good deal, right? Then I saw my favorites on the $159 rack–oh, I fell right into their little trap! I took a seat and proceeded to do my order. That’s when the real fun began. By the time they added in fees for no-line bifocals, anti-reflective coating, and a host of other things, the total had gone up to $590–without tax! I thanked the very nice woman and told her I would look around. I figured I could justify $78–but $590? No way.

Then I remembered that my son, Mike, had ordered glasses online for just $10. Now Mike is so cool that anything he wears is cool, so it was sort of hard to tell how stylish his glasses were. Nevertheless, I got the URL from him and began my journey. It was pretty fun. I got to “try on” the glasses using a really beautiful model–who, like Mike, looked great in every one. I finally picked out the frames I liked–for $29.95:

Then I needed to enter my prescription. The only tricky thing was determining my “PD”–pupil distance to all you online glasses neophytes. That was solved by having Paul hold a plastic ruler up over my nose and measuring the distance–60, for those of you who are interested in my measurements.

Grand total? $78.67 (with coating and no-line bifocals). True, I haven’t gotten them yet–and maybe you get what you pay for. We’ll see. I’ll post a photo when I get them.


2 responses to “Glasses from the Whirled White Web

  1. what’s the name of the internet “spectacular?” (I love red)

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