Scrabble in Elyria

This past weekend I went to Elyria, Ohio to take part in the purple and gold tournament. I have to admit, I didn’t dress up (can you say wet blanket?) but I enjoyed the fact that other people did. The organizer is Dan–shown here:


Others followed the theme–please note the necklace.


Scrabble nerd alert. The next part of this blog will be interesting to about 12 people on the entire planet. You may be one of them, but more likely you are one of the other approximately 6.58 billion. If that is the case, you are hereby released from having to read this section.

On the off chance you are interested,

I will tell you about my awesome play that won me the game (I didn’t end up winning any money–I came in a close 4th–just 30 points below the 3rd place person). Anyhow, back to the Scrabble Drama in Real Life! I was more than 50 points behind, and had been behind the entire game. My rack was DVTILG and a blank. On the board was an open D, where I noticed that if I added an O after the D, I could make QUARTO (quart was already on the board). I then realized that if I got ride of my G, and then had an A or an O, I could make the word DOVETAIL for a whole bunch of points (101, to be exact). I only needed to draw an O or an A. And here is where I broke a cardinal Scrabble rule–or at least my rule–don’t fish for a letter, just make your best play. But I calculated that there were 3 O’s still out and 2 A’s–and there were only about 20 tiles left in the bag. I figured even if she had some of them on her rack, that I stood about a 15% chance of drawing an O or an A. I played off my G for just 5 points, making GAG, and then drew–and I got an O! Then I just had the torture of waiting to see if the spot would be taken (Oh the heartbreak when that happens!)

Here is what that final winning board looked like at the end of the game.



Sometimes my strategy works, even when it probably shouldn’t.


4 responses to “Scrabble in Elyria

  1. What a great play! You know I would never have thought of it, nor had the guts to try it if I did.

  2. Excellent! I’ve been getting into Scrabble a lot — Hans has it on the iPad and I play at least an hour a day. I play against the computer so that the games go pretty fast.

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