Monthly Archives: February 2011

The Triumph of Experience over Hope

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. It’s pretty hopeless here in Indiana. Thick ice and snow cover streets and yards–the same snow that fell 10 days ago, and yet now it is dark gray instead of white. It has only been above freezing for a few hours at a time, so the piles of hard frozen snow mixed with garbage remain pretty much where they were when they were first plowed. So hope is waning, but experience tells me spring will come again. That’s why I planted these:

This is my second attempt. The first attempt proves that watched pots never bloom. I watched and watched and watched and finally after three weeks when I couldn’t stand it any longer I reached into the soil and pulled out a soggy bulb–overwatered in my excitement to have some color and new life.

So I am going to be more careful this time. No overwatering. No peeking. I’ll let you see what they look like in a month.