Counting Crows

Last night I got home a little bit late (it was 7:15 or so) and I had a horrible headache. It was a long day–in many ways a perfect storm of a day as far as deadlines go. Anyway, I got out of the car and I heard whirring, cawing, and saw a dark swarm of birds rising from the trees in my yard. Although I couldn’t help think of Hitchcock and “Birds,” it was absolutely beautiful. The crows flew around a bit, and then came back to roost in the trees.

I watched and listened for a while, and kept in the urge to clap my hands–just so I could see them fly up into the air again. I have to admit I did it once, and then it just seemed mean, so I kept my hands in my pockets!

This morning they were gone, and their aftermath looked like this:

And this:

And the side of my car looked like this:

It was worth it.


2 responses to “Counting Crows

  1. I keep waiting for something to “pounce” on. I’ve known you, what? 23 years? and, so far, abject failure. In other words, thank you for the treats your blog nourishes me with.

    • Thanks, Frank! I was trying to remember when we met. It was in Indy, I think it was 1999 (I started playing competitive scrabble that year, and I played you at my first tournament!) You beat me, of course, but you were very kind and told me that the only play that gave me away as a newby was playing aire, which I still want to play!

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