Gaymode, Pantyhose, and Madmen

When I first started wearing nylon stockings (probably in about 1962 or 1963) pantyhose had been invented (1959–thank you Allen Gant!) but were not readily availble to be purchased until about 1965. That means I had a few years to struggle with a garter belt and stockings. I found this box earlier this week:

Gaymode–they were a JC Penney brand that (shockingly!) has been discontinued. I think this box must have been from my mother, because even in the 60’s they were typically sold in see-through plastic. By the way, this one has a price tag on the back–98 cents.

All of this is a preface for what I believe is an anachronism on “Madmen” (a truly wonderful show). It’s 1962, and Peggy is shown putting on pantyhose. Even though their agency has the Playtex account, I think this is way too early for pantyhose to have been around. Still a good show.


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