Little Homemaker

In the early 60’s, when I was an impressionable youth, I was in a church group for girls called “Li-Ho-Mas,” an abbreviation for “little homemakers.” No, unfortunately, I am not making this up. I have never forgotten the song we sang each week in class:

Li-Ho-Mas, Li-Ho-Mas,
We are of noble birth.
Li-Ho-Mas, Li-Ho-Mas,
By choice we came to earth,
Bringing laughter and sushine
To the homes where we may be
Ever helpful, and prayerful,
Looking toward eternity.
Li-Ho-Mas, Li-Ho-Mas,
Our mission is divine.
Li-Ho-Mas, Li-Ho-Mas,
Through us God’s light will shine.

While the girls were singing this, the boys were in boy scouts learning to tie knots, make fires, survive in the outdoors, and do lots of things I wanted to learn how to do. It’s a hard job to be tasked with bringing laughter and sunshine to the homes where we may be. Daunting, and probably impossible sometimes.

So did I ever embrace the “li-ho-ma” within? I can remember telling my mother I never wanted to have children (although I am now glad I did, Mike, Liz, and Greg!) I distinctly remember hearing the term “tricycle engine manufacturer” as a derisive term for motherhood, and I certainly didn’t want that to be my only legacy.

Don’t get me wrong. I can totally get into cooking sometimes–and even cleaning can be fun. I think my kids are the coolest adults I know. I also like making my home a good place to be, and I try to be my Dad’s “happy girl.” I’m the one hamming it up to the camera. My brother Richard is playing the piano, Patty is sitting on my dad’s lap, and Paul is singing.

But somehow the li-ho-ma within me is still pretty stunted.


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