A Sonnet, Doggonit

Here is a poem that Paul wrote for me when we were both just 17. Can you tell why I was smitten forever?

A Sonnet, Doggonnit

The world has taken television eyes,
Evolved and tutored carefully to see
Those things of beauty they themselves devise,
Which should not mean, of course, but only be.
When Alvin and the Chipmunks sing the blues
And Mickey Mouse is like a Rolling Stone
One wonders what deodorant to use
And whether Spot the cat would like a bone.
A petty prom spins onward, left and right
To flagellate my peace with ponytails
The answers beg for questions late at night
And Jeannie dreams me on my bed of nails.
And though I cannot see or hear or feel,
I think I know that Barbara is for real.


One response to “A Sonnet, Doggonit

  1. I actually remember that poem!

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