A Walking Tour of Mt. Pleasant, UT

I recently spent a few days with my brother, in Mt. Pleasant, UT. Mt. Pleasant is as its name implies. It’s in the mountains–and it’s pleasant. It boasts one of two stoplights in the county. It has a grocery store, several good places to eat, a drive-in movie, a drug store, and lots of other amenities. I went poking around and took some pictures of things I thought were interesting.

Our tour begins at Paul Hart Violins, where this mannequin watches the world go by from his perch. My brother made this figure, and it sometimes wears different outfits depending on the season.

As you walk to the back of Paul Hart Violins (where the mannequin lives), you will see a partially completed picture on the back wall. A local artist offered to do it at no cost, although my brother will probably give him some money anyway, because that’s just how he is–a good human being.

Continuing around the block, you will find a freshly painted fire hydrant. The reason it’s freshly painted, is that it is an Eagle Scout project for one of the boys in my brother’s scout troop. He helped him paint them.

Some houses in Mt. Pleasant are very well cared for–some might say TOO well cared for:

And some are falling apart:

But one thing you should not miss if you go to Mt. Pleasant is a chocolate malt and a Navajo taco from Rodger’s Drive Inn.

If you don’t know what a Navajo taco is, I’ll show you a picture:



2 responses to “A Walking Tour of Mt. Pleasant, UT

  1. Thank you for a most enjoyable tour. I do enjoy traveling with you.

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