School Projects (to help or not to help?)

Mike, Liz, and Greg with Grandpa and his bolo tie

Here’s the sitch. Your child has a project due tomorrow that he/she cannot possibly do him/herself. OK, the him/her is getting old. I’ll just say “her” for the sake of convenience. You want her to be successful. You also want her to learn how to do things herself, because you can envision a time when she will someday live someplace other than under your roof . You know that she cannot successfully complete her task herself–a dilemma! Do you let her fail because she didn’t allow enough time? Didn’t ask you to buy supplies? Didn’t decide on a topic in a timely way? Some people would yell a resounding “YES!” I could never do it–I’m not tough enough.

I can remember getting up at 4 in the morning, using a flashlight, and standing on the car to help a certain kid get leaves for the leaf collection that was due that day. I can also recall trips to the pet store to buy white mice and numerous late-night trips for posterboard, glue, and construction paper. I also am guilty of typing papers, checking out books from the library, and otherwise aiding and abetting school projects. I don’t claim to have won any parenting awards. I don’t know if I did things right (although I do have 3 pretty awesome adult kids who seem to be able to take care of themselves without me!)


2 responses to “School Projects (to help or not to help?)

  1. Nice picture!

  2. You look so cute trying to get grandpa’s bolo tie!

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