I scored 100% on the NY Times Religion Quiz

There’s been a lot of talk about how Mormons, Jews, and atheists scored the highest on a religion quiz, so being the competitive geek that I am, I decided I needed to try it out.

OK, there were only 6 questions–and they were super easy–but it still gives me a warm feeling in my little heart to know that I got them all right. But interestingly, I didn’t necessarly know the right answers because of my religious background. For example, I know what Ramadan is because I lived for a year in Pakistan (I hope I would have picked that up somewhere else, but you never know). I know the predominant religion in Indonesia from reading Lessons From My Father. I know more about Job from teaching The Bible as Literature than I ever learned from a Sunday School Class. And hey, the ten commandments?–I know those because I am culturally literate!

Want to test yourself to see how you do?

click here


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