The end of summer

I was determined to do something fun this weekend–my idea of fun being something that was not doing laundry, going to the office, vacuuming, or mowing the lawn. I almost didn’t go, because I was so tired after having to do all the aforementioned things (plus grocery shopping) and I gor myself into one of my little snits, but I decided I HAD to do something different and get out of my self-induced rut. I had my heart set on doing something a little bit corny (no pun intended). For several years I have wanted to go to a corn maze (sometimes called “maize”–cute, eh?) Anyway, the idea is that you get 20 acres or so of corn and plant it, and then you hire somebody to make a maze design and come with a tractor and gps that will cut down the young stalks in the shape that you want. This is what my maze looked like:

There’s something delicious about feeling lost. Sometimes I like to try to deliberately get lost. Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t have to try. This is what the maze looked like inside:

Kind of spooky, don’t you think? Before I moved to the midwest, I didn’t realize that most corn grown in the US is dried on the stalk and then used to feed cattle (or I suppose make high fructose corn syrup). Not super appetizing. Either they don’t grow feed corn in Utah, or I had just never noticed.

I got lost for a long lovely time and then found my way out. Then I picked my very first pumpkin. All in all, a very satisfying end of summer.


8 responses to “The end of summer

  1. Looks like you had a good time! I love it when they call it a “corn maize.”

  2. Aw, I’m kind of jealous! Although I did have a great time with your lovely daughter at an apple festival held at an Audubon farm. That’s where we ordered the Thanksgiving turkey, and I’m pretty sure the dude we cook up will be one of the ones strutting in the yard while we were there!

    • I have to admit, it bothers me a little bit to think of the poor thing so unaware of his impending demise. But in that sense, he’s just like all of us (not to be too melancholy or anything). Did you get a dude or a dudette? How big?

  3. We just ordered the largest, 25+ pounds. You can’t be too specific. Last year, they had a couple that were over 40 pounds!

  4. ummmm–40 pounds? I’m not sure that will fit in my oven! But I guess we could always dig a pit and roast it in the back yard!

  5. Your posts are always so clever and interesting. I liked your cute little dress joke– very funny.
    I must say, however, that I have a really big issue with this post. Actually just one part. The part where you said that there’s something delicious about feeling lost. I can’t believe it– maybe in a corn maze, but certainly never in any other situation. Feeling lost is not delicious, only terribly uncomfortable and freaky (unless Brett is lost and I don’t have to be the one to worry about how to get un-lost – then I can enjoy it).
    That is all.

    • I guess I mean feeling a little bit lost, when it doesn’t seem actually dangerous! I like getting lost and then plugging in the gps–best of all possible worlds!

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