Stressed is desserts spelled backwards

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Although ostensibly this blog is at least partly about Scrabble, I haven’t written much about my beloved game–the very best game ever invented. I love it. I played three games last night in Indy. I lost just one, and had some nice bingos–DENTINES, SMIRKIER, and GESTING, for example (for the uninitiated, bingos are words when you use all 7 letters on your rack and get a 50 point bonus–the very best way to win Scrabble games). GESTING is actually a phony (it is not a “real”* word, but didn’t get challenged off the board), but it still netted me 92 points

One of the things that happens when you play Scrabble is that you begin to anagram everything, like license plates, for example. You look at a word and think about all the words that you can make out of that word. You know that ironically the words cheaters and teachers have identical letters. You know that you can take the word “retina” and add to it any letter in the sentence “THE RED PUPIL PREFERS MUCH WINKING” and you will have a bingo (like adding E makes trainee, adding P makes painter or repaint, and adding L makes latrine). You know that MOISTER anagrams into trisome, mortise, and erotism, and you’re kind of embarrassed that this kind of knowledge is always floating around in your brain distracting you from, say, saving the environment.

At any rate, is it any wonder that my brain looked at a sign in Vienna Cafe and saw “desserts” and immediately realized it could also be “stressed?” And then realized that this is so profound? So I share it with you, along with a photo of the actual sign; a photo of my friend, Hannah, who was with me at Vienna, and who is beautiful and talented and a procrastinator, like me; and some of my Scrabble buddies who were at Arby’s last night.

*For me, a “real” word is anything that is included in The Word List


4 responses to “Stressed is desserts spelled backwards

  1. wow, that is so true, I look at letters all the time on license plates or whatever and put words together, it definitely is a Scrabble thing

  2. How your words resonate with me! Me, too! And in times of high stress, I start anagramming frantically, desperately seeking surcease in uncovering all the words in all the words I can see or conjure! Talk about obsessive/compulsive. BTW, Barbara, I have become a fan (fanatic) of your blog; thank you.

  3. As I look at these two comments, I think–I need to have Frank and Marilyn meet someday to play Scrabble–it would be a battle of champions! Maybe when you come to Indiana someday, Marilyn?

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