Cutting Paul’s Hair (AKA Barbara the Barber)

Why is he giving me the evil eye?

I started cutting Paul’s hair when we were so poor that the money we saved could go toward groceries (like real milk instead of powdered milk, or orange juice instead of Tang.) Those were also the days when Paul changed the oil in the car himself, and we regularly put in a gallon or two of gas at a time, because we didn’t have money for more.

Paul likes the way I cut his hair. I did it for more than 30 years. Then I went on strike a few years ago and refused to do it, and he found a really cheap barber downtown. The strange thing is, that the real barber went to school to learn how to cut hair, and he did a really horrible job! This fits into my theory, that in general, things turn out better if you do them yourself (like painting, tiling, etc. but not brain surgery, of course). Every time Paul would return from the barber I was so annoyed with how bad his hair looked–this guy liked to shave him from the back of his neck to halfway up his head. It just looked SO BAD. So being the nice person that I am, I finally relented and went back to cutting it myself, at least until the barber downtown dies (which shouldn’t be long–he’s ancient) and then Paul can try again with someone else.

This photo is actually very scary because he looks so much like his dad. Not that I don’t like his dad. I’m just not married to him–or am I?


4 responses to “Cutting Paul’s Hair (AKA Barbara the Barber)

  1. I recently cut Greg’s hair because his last “professional” cut was so bad (and he asked me to). It took me over an hour but turned out better than the last one, at least. Maybe I will get faster if I keep doing it!

    • I have fond memories of cutting Greg’s hair–just ask him if he’d like a “buzz”–those are easy! Did you use scissors, or do you have clippers?

  2. Unfortunately I gave him a buzz a few years ago and he hated it! It looked good when it grew out though. This time, I used a combination of clippers with different attachments and big yellow shears – we couldn’t find our actual hair cutting scissors!

  3. Wow–I’m impressed! For a while I was addicted to a reality show about hair designers, where they started with a dozen, and then got rid of somebody each week. One of the challenges was to do a haircut with weird tools, and one woman had to cut hair with giant garden shears–it turned out really good, and for a couple of episodes she kept using them! You could have used some of your craft scissors with serrated edges!

    Mike once did a “wiki” cut where he took the scissors with him and let anyone who wanted to have a go. That idea might work better with an encyclopedia!

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