Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens….

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Do you ever have a perfect moment, and you want it to last forever? I had such a moment yesterday, a moment when I thought, “I want to remember this particular time forever.” I think this fairly regularly, but then I don’t write tmy thoughts down, and I have a hard time reconstrucing them when I need to (i.e. bad days). So I’m going to start writing them down, beginning with today.

My perfect moment was yesterday about 11:30 am, after I had finished mowing the lawn, watering, and pulling out or digging up a bunch of pesky weeds (some of which were almost trees!) The weather was the perfect temperature, I was sitting in beautiful silence in the back yard, and I was sipping a very cold Diet Coke (I know, I know, I gave them up for several months this summer, but I’m trying moderation now–we’ll see how that goes.) As I sat, a squirrel got closer and closer. I was sitting so quietly, it didn’t notice me. I remembered how as a child I liked to sit in the apple tree in our back yard and be so still that the birds would forget I was there.

I was satisfied that I had worked hard, and I was surrounded by plants and flowers that reminded me of my friends and family–my dad, who taught me to love growing and eating tomatoes, Regina, Peg, Judy, Noriko, and others who have shared plant starts with me. No wonder I love my garden so much.


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