Iguacu Redux

I never did find the cord for my camera, but realized I could put the photos onto a cd (I know, I am a little slow!)

Here are some of my favorite shots:

Getting wet.

I captured a rainbow in this one.


Itaipu Dam--still the largest in the world until China finishes its newest.

Enough said.

I mentioned that I had a run-in with a coati (pronounced in Portuguese coh-ah-CHEE). They are also called “hog-nosed coons” “crackoons” and “snookum bears.” I call them scary buggers. We had been hiking for a couple of hours and stopped to get some cookies and a drink. I saw some signs warning people not to feed the coatis and that they could be dangerous–although they look cute, I discovered they have rows of sharp, dangerous teeth! I put the package of cookies on the table for a microsecond, and Mr. Coati leapt on the table and dashed off with it in his teeth, scattering cookies as he went. Here is one of the scoundrals:

innocent looking, isn't he?


2 responses to “Iguacu Redux

  1. You have opened a vast new horizon for me with your blog, Barbara. I savor you sights and experiences: the next best thing to being there. Thank you. Now, on a technical level, how are you able to manipulate location of photos inside the text and I hadn’t realized that you can caption of each photo…

    • To put photos where I want them I sometimes have to copy and paste the entire photo description. I am really not that good at it, but I will e-mail my phone number and I can try to do “IT support over the phone!”

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