I am next door to Lula

I am in Foz de Iguacu, Brazil at a little hotel called “Foz Presidente.” The name sounds better than it really is. I had looked at the reviews and they said things like “avoid” and “the elevator doesn´t work” and “this is the dirtiest bathroom I’ve ever seen,” etc. But the university here booked it, and is paying for it, so I won´t complain–actually, compared to some of the places I have stayed in my life, it´s pretty nice.

One of the best things about any Brazilian hotel is the breakfasts! It´s well beyond cereal and fake oj of Best Western fame. Instead, imagine a row of fresh fruits–papaya, watermelon, pineapple, and bananas. There are also about 6 kinds of fresh juice–grape, orange, papaya, lemonade, etc.

Then there are the cakes and bread, eggs, sausage rolls, hot chocolate. Yummmmm! I love Brazilian breakfasts.

Things are a bit wild on our street because the president of Brazil is visiting–Lula. I don´t even know his real name, but that´s what he is called. He is staying at the luxury hotel next door. He spoke there last night, so there were tons of police and a long line of people waiting in the street to get in. I had thought about going in to Paraguay today, but apparently the bridge is closed because of demonstrations, so instead I´m going to walk aound and do some exploring.

Yesterday I went to a pretty disappointing zoo. It was free, though, so I can´t be too disappointed. It had monkeys, coatis, parrots, and not a lot of other things. And it was very quiet! I was only one of about 6 people there. Today someone told me it wasn´t safe to go there. Oh well! I sat for several hours in the peace and quiet and read my book (which is great, by the way–The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).

Last night we ate at a place called “Republico dos camaroes”–basically, the Republic of Shrimp. It was mighty tasty! I am definitely talking too much about food.

So now I am off to explore. Tomorrow I’m going to the nature preserve and Itaipu Dam, and then the next two days (when Paul is finished with work) we´ll explore the waterfalls on the brazilian and then the argentine side.

Paul´s suitcase just came this morning. Yay! He had to give his talk in the same clothes he had traveled in for 24 hours–and then wear them 2 more days! Poor Paul (and I hate to say it, but by extension, poor me). But when he gets home tonight he will find his suitcase.


2 responses to “I am next door to Lula

  1. What fun adventures (except perhaps the lack of clothing–that sounds less pleasant). That breakfast does sound wonderful, and I’ve had dinner and dessert already. Exploring the local cuisine is one of my favorite parts of traveling, even if it’s only to the next state over.

  2. Thanks, Kristine. My adventures are coming to and end. I must go pack and then travel for about 24 hours (the part I like the least is going home!)

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