Celebrating our 36th anniversary

Paul says I am hard to shop for. But this year he found just the thing–a microwave s’more maker. It came with careful instructions about how to make them–first a Graham cracker, then chocolate, then a marshmallow, then another Graham cracker–good to know the order. Then you put the whole thing in the microwave for ten seconds. Voilà, s’mores. I took this photo of the side if the box:

It’s a little bit scary to realize that it has “core fusion technology.” Pretty high-tech! I am truly hoping I won’t accidentally blow my house up in my attempt to have the perfect s’more!

On another note, we saw the movie “Winter’s Bone,” and I thought it was wonderful–artistic, disturbing, beautiful, heart-warming (but not in a predictable way), and generally great. I would highly recommend it. I’m going to guess an Oscar nomination for Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the seventeen-year old main character, Ree. See it–it’s good.


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