The march of the overhead projectors

Today as I came into work, I saw a truck picking up dozens of overhead projectors to take them to salvage. Of course they are totally outdated, but I hadn’t really thought about that until this morning–they had always seemed sort of high-tech to me. I don’t think I have used one in my classroom for several years, but my transparencies used to be such a big part of my teaching. I finally threw away my ditto masters last week–now it will have to be my saved transparencies. Unless..unless…unless I go to the salvage outlet and buy my very own overhead projector! I could keep it in my office and roll it into class. My students could titter and write comments about it on “Rate My Professor .com.” I have always wanted to cultivate my eccentricities–maybe this is my opportunity. I’ve always wanted to be a Luddite!


2 responses to “The march of the overhead projectors

  1. You’d better lose the iPhone and blog to be considered a Luddite. No, I can’t allow that to happen so you’ll just have to join the rest of us — however unwillingly — in the 21st century!

    • I did discover that they were only retiring twenty percent of the projectors–and anyone who wants to use one can request it. I was being a Luddite Alarmist!

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