New proof that aliens exist

I have always tried to keep an open mind about extra-terrestrial beings. It could happen, I figured. The universe is a big place. And in the last couple of days I’ve seen proof. Exhibit A (below) is a photo of the strange “crop circles” I found around a tree outside the window of my hotel in Dayton (I went to Dayton to visit my niece, Sarah, who was performing in a vocal concert–and she was great!)

Note that the dead grass loops around the tree in a parallel fashion. Lawn mower, you may say? Then why is the rest of the grass not dead? Hmmmmm? I rest my case.

The very next day after seeing this amazing phenomenon, I was walking across campus and ran smack dab into an alien!

I said, “Welcome to earth.”

He didn’t say anything, so I said. “Do you allow earthlings to photograph you?”

He nodded and struck a pose:

I said, “Did you make those crop circles in Dayton?”

He started to back away.

I said, “Where is your mother ship?”

And he started to back away faster.

I said, “How do you procreate on your planet?” and he turned and started walking away very fast.

I followed him for a few blocks, then saw him talking to a policeman and pointing at me, so I figured he needed to get to his spaceship and I wouldn’t get any answers out of him.

So I went back to my office to work–a believer.


7 responses to “New proof that aliens exist

  1. That guy is a Power Ranger. It’s possible he’s an alien, but more likely he’s a human who protects us from aliens. Wait, are YOU and alien?

  2. My secret is out. It explains a lot, doesn’t it?

  3. haha, good one, Mama.

  4. Where are those Arizona anti-alienists when you need them? (BTW, An “alienist” is “one who treats mental diseases; a mental pathologist; a ‘mad doctor,'” according to The Oxford English Dictionary–in case you need the definition for scrabble)

  5. Hi Vicki! I didn’t know that! (Although most people I play Scrabble with don’t care one hoot about definitions. They tend to be more mathematical about letter arrangements–words are either zeros or ones (zeros are “Not Acceptable” and ones are “Acceptable”). Very few of the top players care about what a word means (I do–but I’m not a national champion by a long way!) There are quite a few words that I play that I do not know the definition of, e.g. nevi, qaid, squark, and anestri. I could look them up, but I’m happy just knowing they will get me points, and possibly draw a challenge! When I first started playing, I would sometimes ask, “Oh, what does that mean?”–very bad taste to ask that, by the way–and the usual response was, “I don’t care, but I know it’s a good word.”

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