Searching for the Northern Lights

I wish I could say that I took this photo.

I’ll say from the start that it was a long shot. Northern Lights? Indiana? But Liz had it from good sources that there had been some explosions on the sun that were going to help create crazy things for aurora borealis viewers, and that last night would be the best time to see aforesaid crazy things. So Liz, April, and I headed out about 10 pm (after first fortifying ourselves with brownies).

It’s hot in Indiana (see previous post entitled “It’s So Hot”). It was super super hot and humid as we drove into the corn and soybean fields to find a very dark place to try to see those lovely lights. There were hundreds of moths in our headlights, and when we stopped, at least a dozen immediately flew into the car. We tried unscuccessfully to lure them out with Liz’s cell phone, but it just resulted in more making their way into the car (along with the mosquitos).

But fortitude is our middle name, so we trekked on. It was just so hazy, that it was impossible to see anything other than the hazy hotness (and heat lightening that we decided to pretend were northern lights).

Because it was so hot and humid (did I mention it was hot?) the car began to get all kinds of condensation on the outside. Liz likened it to a cold can of pop. She said we were inside the pop can and the outside of the car was that wonderful condensation that forms. So we sped along like a giant can of Diet Coke, looking very tasty for any aliens who might want to carry us to their spaceships and probe us!

So when we returned home about midnight, we had had a very lovely nighttime drive, but unfortunately, no northern lights.


2 responses to “Searching for the Northern Lights

  1. Sometimes I wish wordpress had a “like” button. Mostly, I’m just jealous of your adventure. But I’ve been trying to find local adventures, and remembered a farm here that does an apple festival in the fall where you can press your own cider with an old-fashioned cider press. Real cider, not the pasteurized stuff from the supermarket. I’m looking forward to that. I can’t remember all the stuff they had last year, but it was fun.

  2. Oooh! fresh apple cider sounds really good! That sounds like a good adventure. I wish you’d been with us–but when we come on the 15th, we’ll have an adventure in Dayton!

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