Ramona and Beezus

I love Beverly Cleary’s books. I especially like anything with Ramona in it. It may be because I am a middle child, and I identify with wonderful Ramona. Ramona is 9 in the recent movie–and I went to it with two nine-year-old girls (twins that I have known since they were babies). I think they liked it, but I LOVED it. I loved that there was no designer clothing. I loved that Ramona felt responsibility for the happiness of the family. I loved her when she kept making mistakes, feeling unloved, but trying again.

SPOILER ALERT: I cried at least five times in this movie, and wept loudly (I was trying not to) when Picky-Picky died. Mr. Quimby called her “Icky Sticky” and other names during the movie, but at the graveside Beezus says, “And I want you to know he always knew your name–he was just pretending he didn’t know it.” That made me completely lose it.

All the time, my companions were dry eyed. I was the one completely into the movie (sniffle, sniffle, sniffle). I am sure they enjoyed it, but I loved it.

I’m not too old to remember worrying that my parents would get a divorce, worrying that we would run out of money, worrying that we would have to move, worrying that I would never be “normal.” Ramona was me when I was that age. I can remember stewing about who I would live with when my parents got divorced. I decided I wanted to live with Daddy, but that Mommy needed me more, and I would need to live with her. That’s how neurotic I was. Wait–no reason to put that in past tense!


3 responses to “Ramona and Beezus

  1. Now I want to see it. But there are a bunch of movies that I want to see right now, and I go to the theater never.

    It’s so funny that you fantasized about your parents getting divorced. What was wrong with me as a child? I never did such a thing. I was so sure it would never happen.

    p.s. I want an update on your diet with Liz. Derek and I have just started a plan to lose a few, and I sort of think a challenge would help Derek (and me, of course) stick to it better. So far, he loves counting calories and is horrified at the number of calories is many foods he loves. He had a burger at Red Robin the other day and it was 1,200! Have you guys learned any new tools?

  2. Wow, Sarah, now I want to go to Red Robin! I want to challenge the two of you to a Game On! Duel!

  3. Derek said the burger wasn’t worth the calories!

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