Feeling like a happy pig

You know the drill. Four of you get salad at olive garden, and you get to go first. You quickly count the olives and tomatoes and divide by 4. You don’t want to be a pig. You know how it feels to be last. You’re careful not to take too many croutons.

Yesterday I went by myself and had every tomato, every crouton, all the olives, and just the pieces of lettuce I wanted. I don’t like to eat by myself all the time, but sometimes it’s fun to be a happy pig

P.s. Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that olive garden calls its lemonade “handcrafted?”


2 responses to “Feeling like a happy pig

  1. What??? You went to Olive Garden without me? I would have let you have all the good stuff from the salad, as long as I got to have it all on the refill. Only 3 more days till Dad comes back. Can we please go out to eat some more?

  2. Yes–tomorrow night–your choice of location!

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