It’s so hot!

How hot is it? Hot enough to fry an egg? (I tried that once and it didn’t work.) Hot enough to kill frogs if you left them in a bottle in the sun? (I did that too, but not on purpose.) The heat index is 105 degrees. 93 actual degrees. It’s hot. And yet I felt compelled to walk to Chauncey Hill Mall to meet my friend for lunch (it’s not really very far, but in this heat, it felt like miles). On my way, I passed this merry bunch of people outside my building. They were definitely having more fun than I was!

The air conditioning was out in my building when I got back to work. It’s not too bad yet, but I don’t know how it will feel in a few hours if it isn’t fixed. The fountain is tempting, and I am not saying what I might do at the end of the day.


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