Why are some smokers such litterbugs?

Wow, babies advertising cigarettes. We’ve come a long way.

Son of a biscuit! (Thanks, Chris!)

First, let me make it clear that I do not care if you smoke or not (unless you happen to be my offspring, in which case, I care a great deal). If you smoke, what I do care about is where you throw your butts. This morning I was following a car with a woman who was smoking. She had the window open and periodically tapped ash out the window. OK, I thought, that’s not too bad, although presumably she has an ashtray in her car. Soon, however, I saw her flick the butt out the window onto the street. I am not sure whether smokers who do this think it is not litter, or know that it is litter but don’t care. Who do they think will clean it up?

When Mike, Greg, and Liz were little we used to camp at state parks fairly regularly (it being the only vacation we could afford!) You could be a Junior Ranger and get a badge if you did some activities. One of them was always taking a bag along on a trail hike and picking up litter–and guess what was always a good portion of the litter?

I know it’s a terrible addiction and I try really hard not to judge (because I certainly have my share of compulsions), but I do throw away my Snickers wrappers after I surreptitiously have a snack from the basement vending machines! If smokers want more sympathy for their plight, couldn’t they clean up their act?


One response to “Why are some smokers such litterbugs?

  1. This is the single most irritating thing about smokers, just behind ashing/blowing smoke in your general direction.

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