My Brilliant Brother

Following in the footsteps of my brother, Paul Hart, has not been easy. As his younger sister, it was hard to go into classes where he had been a whiz. I was always a good student, but Paul was always outstanding. He started taxidermy in 5th grade, found a dead body while looking for rattlesnakes the next year, got his ham radio license as a young teenager, and started making musical instruments in high school. Now he is a renowned violin maker with gold medals in crafstmanship. Like I said–a hard act to follow.

When we were in Utah, Paul Dixon’s* dad asked him to carve the f holes in a viola he’s been working on for a while. Paul did it fairly quickly–within half an hour–and then started working on smoothing down the edges. He likes what he does, so I think he would have kept working on it until we stopped him. In this photo he is working on the f holes in his shop while Paul Dixon’s dad (age 91) looks on.

*I am forced to call my own husband and my own brother with their full names to differentiate them. Don’t ever marry someone with the same name as a sibling–it’s a lifetime of confusion!


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  1. you are way better than that

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