Our home away from home (Pinyon Paradise)

Yes, we own a trailer. It sits proudly on our little acre of heaven in Widtsoe, Utah–fondly now known–to at least two of us–as Pinyon Paradise because of our one pinyon tree. Widtsoe is a real ghost town. It was a thriving community for several years, but then drought (probably the normal weather conditions) caught up with it. Here is a photo that Dorothea Lange took of two residents there before they were relocated by the federal government:

So three years ago we bought an acre when the state of Utah was auctioning them off, and we put our little trailer on it last week. This photo shows the trailer before a stiff wind blew off the awning. Widtsoe is unforgiving! In the foreground you will see a firepit that I worked pretty hard on!


2 responses to “Our home away from home (Pinyon Paradise)

  1. Wow! congratulations. I never would have thought that you and dad would have a trailer and your own land in Utah! Can’t wait to visit!

  2. It would be great to have a family reunion there. I’ll work on getting bathroom facilities!

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