Hannibal and Twain

I’ve ridden a steamboat, gone to the Mark Twain Museum, visited the Light House and Lovers’ Leap, and gone to a Mark Twain Impersonator show. I’ve done it all. What a glorious day. All except for one small part when a rude man put me into a bad mood for about 20 minutes. It really is not nice not to be nice.

I can really imagine what it must have been like to be a child here in the nineteenth century. Waiting for a steamboat to come into town. Walking barefoot through dusty streets–and sharing it with pigs. So much of it would have been wonderful, but then there were the cholera and measles epidemics where my friends would have died; the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer (I’m in an air conditioned room as I write this); and being hungry and poor. Not to mention having slaves–or being one! So it is fun to imagine, but I enjoy 21st century life for the most part. Here I am mimicking a Tom Sawyer moment.


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