Today I have vertigo. That spinning sensation that feels like you just got off a Tilt-A-Whirl at the carnival. I never know when I’ll get it, and I can’t figure out any logic to it.

I do think I know what caused it, though. Fifteen years ago I landed smack on my head on the concrete. It had started to rain, and I didn’t realize that the rain was turning to ice on the sidewalk. I left my office, went outside, and immediately did a back flip onto my head. After an ambulance ride to the hospital, a CAT scan, and a diagnosed concussion, I have had occasional vertigo ever since.

It’s not too bad, but today I just feel so fuzzy–like my head is not screwed on tight enough (which everyone probably knew anyway). In the grand view of what people suffer, it is pretty minor, but I still hope it goes away very soon.


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