Hiking in Zion Canyon

As you may or may not know, I have a particular fear of heights. I decided I wanted to visit Zion Canyon when I was in Utah, and had not been since I was a child. I guess I didn’t remember very much about it, because when I was talking about where we’d hike with my brother, I said something like–“well, I just don’t want to go very high,” and his response was, “Barbara, it’s a canyon, with cliffs, all the trails are high!” So there I was, trying to get him to go with me on the handicapped trails that are wheelchair accessible (figuring those would be paved and super-safe) and he was telling me we should go to Angel’s Landing–a place where people have fallen to their deaths!

I decided I would just go as far as I felt comfortable. There were lots of switchbacks, and in particular, you get to a part called “Walter’s Wiggles” that are a series of very steep, short switchbacks. I discovered that it wasn’t too scary if I stayed far away from the edge and didn’t look down! We didn’t go to the very top of the peak, but stopped when the trail dropped off on both sides and there were chains to hang onto–that didn’t seem very fun, and even super-fit Paul H. didn’t want to do it. Here’s a picture of the peak from the bottom:

Paul H. also told me a funny story related to the next photo. on a previous hike, his friend had seen a man hugging the side of the mountain, so to help distract him, his friend had said, “Look, those are Indian paintbrushes,” pointing at the flower. The man replied disdainfully, “Don’t you mean Native American Paintbrushes!” Funny. So here are the “Native American Paintbrushes” I shot on my hike!:

The trip was lovely–I would definitely recommend Zion to anyone visiting in the area!


2 responses to “Hiking in Zion Canyon

  1. I agree — the last part of the hike at Angel’s landing is not for the faint of heart. Jesse, who is also afraid of heights, insisted that we go no further once we reached the chains. Damian finished it though. I wish I was back there now. Beautiful!

  2. Me too! It was beautiful! A little bit crowded, since we were there at the start of memorial day weekend, but we found some quiet places–took a night hike to the Narrows and saw bats and heard frogs!

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