Hell’s Bells

I used to hear my mom say “Hell’s bells” fairly regularly. It was about the limit of her profanity, except for an occasional “Dammit to Hell,” which was required for situations of greater magnitute. I’m afraid my own profanity goes a bit further, although I like to believe that I save it for situations that need emphasis. My dad used to say that people who used a lot of profanity didn’t have good vocabularies–so not wanting to be accused of that, I have tried to think of original or not-so-original things to call people when I am mad at them.

But once in a while, I must use a well-placed “a#*hole,” “mother f@*&$#er,” or the less offensive “douchebag” to adequately express myself. The reaction among my acquaintances at work when I do this is absolute shock. I had one friend say this week, “I have never heard you use that word!” to which I replied, “I’ve never been mad enough before to NEED to use it.” Expletives. Great for emphasis.


5 responses to “Hell’s Bells

  1. Fuckin’ A right, my friend.

  2. Mom! How could you!?!? Just kidding. I can’t say I’ve ever heard you say any of the words you’ve listed up there, but I don’t think I’d like to see you mad enough to use them either.

    Also, how do you spell “gadfrey”?

  3. Mike, I think “gadfrey” is indeed the proper spelling for that great word. It goes hand in hand with “crimenently,” another favorite.

  4. Oh, Mike. Even I have heard your mom speak some lush profanity. Your dad, on the other hand… not so much. Barbara, I’ve a little problem, myself, and am beginning to think I should reform my vocab, just so my children don’t inadvertently repeat some of my more fantastical combinations in front of their friends’ parents, and thus alienate us from the entire city. I try to tell them that it’s just words, but not everyone thinks like that.

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