Drama at the Carwash

Not everyone can do what I did last week. How could I get into a wreck while going through Fast Eddy’s Car Wash? I thought it was safer.
I really like getting onto the conveyor belt, putting my car in neutral, and letting a giant machine wash my car. At the end, I dutifully put it back into drive, put my foot on the brake, and waited for the car in front of me to get wiped off and move out of the way.
Just as the dude motioned her to go forward, the elderly woman driving put it into reverse and backed into me–hard. And then, figuring she wasn’t going forward fast enough, gunned it a couple of times.
The resulting damage was $494.37 (plus a rental car for two days)–on her dime, of course. But first I had to put up with her coming to my car window (while we were waiting for the police to come to file a report) saying “You know, I just don’t NEED this today.” I bit my tongue and didn’t say, “Then learn the difference between drive and reverse, lady!” Instead I said, “I need some quiet time right now, so I’m going to roll up the window. Maybe you should sit in your car.”
Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for her to turn in her car keys.


3 responses to “Drama at the Carwash

  1. Wow. You are too nice! I might have said, “Oh, and I really NEEDED it today!” and hoped she just didn’t get the sarcasm.

  2. well, at least she had insurance? and paid for it and for only $494.37 that’s amazing! my daughter’s car was hit by a deer, he had no insurance and it was $3000.

  3. Good point! At one juncture in my life I was convinced that 100% of the other people on the road didn’t have insurance–because every person who hit us did NOT have any insurance–and one of the said people who had no insurance, didn’t own the car (it was not registered) and was driving with a suspended licence sued US! Yes, it’s true. She didn’t win, but she did sue and it took a year and a half for it to go away.

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