On my way to Utah

Tomorrow I leave for Utah for 6 days. My plans are to paint the basement room and sign an agreement with a realtor so tht we can sell the house.

I’m thrilled that the weather will be sunny here to get to the airport, but apprehensive that in Utah they are expecting a storm tomorrow night. Ahh, traveling in the winter.

I have a good book to read on the airplane, and since I’m already coughing, I figure I can give something instead of catch something! Maybe I’ll wear a mask.


One response to “On my way to Utah

  1. Noah decided to get out the box of photos yesterday, and we spent an hour perusing all the photos of his early life in that house. He remembered all sorts of things, including the desire to have the jays eat out of his hands, like they did for Grandpa.

    Have fun in Utah. Say hi to my dad for me. Say hi to the house for me.

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