An open apology to Mike and Greg

Dear Mike and Greg,

Remember all those times I told you to turn off the Nintendo and come to dinner? All those times I interrupted Super Mario Brothers to ask you to clean your rooms? I am SO sorry! I never imagined how annoying my interruptions were! Now that I have my very own Wii version of the game, I am hooked–even though I have not yet made it through the first world. I guess I should also apologize for being the dorkiest SMB player in the world! But Mario and Luigi remain ever-valiant and do not reject me for my ineptitude. They forge confidently along, jumping on toads, falling off cliffs, throwing fireballs, riding little horsie things, and giving the upbeat “Here we go again” at the end of each unsuccessful bid to save Princess Peach. I shall persevere. But can you ever forgive me?




14 responses to “An open apology to Mike and Greg

  1. @Barbara: you should get 500 Wii points together (aka $5) and download the original from the virtual console store. (I think most of the NES, SuperNES, and N64 versions are available as well).

    But yeah, Super Mario Bros Wii is a blast!

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  3. Sounds like a great idea–I hope it’s easier to win than the version I have!

  4. I think you’re every boy’s dream mom.

  5. Oh, Mom, you are so funny. I think you let us play just the right amount of video games. We now hardly play any video games (unless you count Hobo Wars?) so I guess we’ve successfully outgrown what was once an obsession. I can’t wait to get back up there so I can finally play SMB with my mom!

  6. Thanks, Mike and Sarah. I think everybody turned out pretty darn good. I should have gotten video games out of my system long ago. I knew I had a problem when I couldn’t leave Eamon Adventures alone back in the day! Eamon was free, and created for the Apple II way back in 1980– It was totally graphic free! It was just a matter of when my obsessions would catch up with me! Still can’t get through world 1-3. Something about those horsie things eludes me!

  7. It’s not really a horse, but a lizard named Yoshi, right?

  8. and for the record…. I don’t play Hobowars anymore! haha

  9. A lizard! So that’s why it has a tongue that can eat things. There’s so much I don’t understand!

  10. News flash! Yoshi is actually a dinosaur. And in the news of the totally lame, I conquered the first world in Super Mario Brothers by killing the dragon in the castle. Now if I could only learn how to make Mario swim!

  11. OK–update–I have made it as far as world 2-1. That’s a hard one! Can 10-year old boys really have this much persistence? I have tried it about 65 times!

  12. Yet another update–I learned how to get 99 lives in world 2-3. It’s good to have goals.

  13. I’m on 6-2–getting closer to saving the princess!

  14. Now I’m in 8-6. That is a HARD one. But if a 4-year old can do it, so can I!

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