How’s that tasting for ya?

I have noticed a dark turn to my restaurant-going. In the past, a waiter might say something like, “Can I get you anything?” or “Is everything all right?” Lately the question has been, “How’s everything tasting?” or even the more horrible “Does everything taste wonderful?” This strikes me as being intensely personal (s/he is asking about my tastebuds!)–not to mention unhelpful.
How is one supposed to respond to “How’s that tasting for ya?”
1. It’s yummy.
2. It’s too salty.
3. The texture reminds me of sand and pinatas (an actual response to the same question when Greg was 9 and I wanted to know how he liked dinner–followed by “Please don’t ever make this again.”)
4. It has a subtle bouquet.
5. Don’t take my word for it–here have a little bite yourself!
Is there a way to thwart this trend? Probably not. In the meantime, it saves the waiters actually having to do anything for you–which they might have to do if they asked what you needed. In the future I am going to say, “I’m just curious–were you trained to ask that?” as my response. I’m heading toward curmudgeonhood at a rapid pace.


3 responses to “How’s that tasting for ya?

  1. Actually, I’m impressed you were able to fend off curmudgeon-ness this long. 😉

  2. Good point! I embrace my misanthropic nature!

  3. Oh, this is definitely a pet peeve of mine. Thank you for being curmudgeonly!

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