Simon and Chester

I have two new cats–Simon and Chester. I got them just a couple of weeks ago. They are about 8 years old and very fat–Simon weighs 13 pounds and Chester weighs 19. Simon is part Siamese, with blue eyes, and is the most loving boy! He likes to jump in my lap, have his ears scratched, and purr. He also likes to put his bottom in my face, which I don’t like as much as I do scratching his ears–I’m trying to teach him not to do that. Chester looks like Morris the cat–he’s a big tabby. He’s a little more standoffish than Simon, but still, he is pretty friendly.

I had forgotten how much I love to have a friendly being at the end of a hard day–not that Paul’s not friendly, but cats don’t know about any of your faults. They don’t care if you were mean to a coworker, if you yelled a cuss word at another car, or even if you forgot to pay one of your bills. They love you anyway.

I love my cats.


2 responses to “Simon and Chester

  1. Shoot! If I’d known you needed something to cuddle at the end of the day, I’d have given you one of mine!

  2. Are yours ok with an automatic feeder and a litter box? Do they mind drinking out of the toilet? If so, maybe we could work something out! 🙂

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