Why I like pit bulls more than some people

OK, the title of this post should not be misinterpreted as meaning that I like pit bulls. I actually am terrified of any dog over about 5 pounds–dobermans, german shepherds, and chows are near the top of my list, but pit bulls are definitely my number one disliked dog. I know, I’m sure you know one that is just adorable and so sweet, blah, blah, blah. I’m just saying I got bitten by a dog when I was little and I don’t like anything besides maybe a cocker spaniel or a papillon (which would just be a little amuse bouche for a pit bull).

So, there I was last night in my yard putting down mulch on my flower beds when a couple with their pit bull came walking down my street. My body immediately went into “fight or flight” mode, but I stayed put. They got into earshot and I heard the man saying, “Well mulch is just stupid. You just have to do it every year.” His companion replied, “I know, I think I’ll put down rocks this year, but mulch is a waste of time!” While this conversation is taking place I am maybe 6 feet away, big as life. I think about the social contract that we have that prevents us from butting into other people’s conversations, so I keep my lip zipped (especially because the guy was about 250 pounds of unruliness and remember, they had a pit bull with them). But REALLY, I was RIGHT THERE!!!

It reminded me of when I was dropping Greg off at Ball State and buying him a few things at the local Target–some towels, sheets, shampoo, and so on. The woman behind me in line talked really loudly to her daughter about how she’d better not think that she she went to college that she would get all the junk that most of these college kids get.

So in conclusion, I rest my case. As much as I dislike pit bulls, there are some people I dislike more.


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