The title to this post is a word that Paul H. tried to use on me in a Scrabble game–I know! I challenged it right off the board (although it is a beautifully descriptive word). It is also a word that applies to me at the moment, although I am happy to report that when I lose two more pounds I will move from the “overweight” category on Wii Fit to the “normal” category. I will be so happy to be normal in any small way!


2 responses to “Lardarse

  1. Are you *sure* it’s not a word? I would probably have let it go, but I haven’t memorized the Scrabble dictionary.

  2. Maybe it could be two words–“lard arse.” Why don’t we make a concerted effort to MAKE it become a word. Let’s decide to use it in at least one sentence a day!

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