Suicidal Squirrels

This post is for all the suicidal squirrels who are running in front of my car today: Don’t despair, take heart, spring will be here soon. Think about your loved ones and all you still have to do in your life–wires to chew, nuts to bury in gardens, plants to dig up….on second thought, never mind.


2 responses to “Suicidal Squirrels

  1. I got to your blog by devious means after someone told me how funny you are. She was right.

    I read back for a while, but must get on with my own life for now (because my kids are awake), but it was a good time.

  2. Thanks, Kayli! Sorry your post languished for so long! I’m slow. I like your blog, too! I didn’t leave a comment, because I couldn’t figure out how–I’ll keep trying.

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