Monthly Archives: April 2009


The title to this post is a word that Paul H. tried to use on me in a Scrabble game–I know! I challenged it right off the board (although it is a beautifully descriptive word). It is also a word that applies to me at the moment, although I am happy to report that when I lose two more pounds I will move from the “overweight” category on Wii Fit to the “normal” category. I will be so happy to be normal in any small way!


Can I get swine flu by eating like a pig?

I’m getting over a cold, and everyone at work keeps asking if I might have swine flu–and veering away from me as they eye me suspiciously. I’ve felt pretty yucky, but just keep doing what most Americans do when they are sick–going to work and keeping up the same pace as usual.

On Saturday Liz and I walked about 4 miles, and I am really wondering if I can do the mini-marathon this Saturday. My knees were sore, my toes were sore, and I was so tired! But I’d worked for an hour in the garden before we went, so maybe that took a bit of a toll. Liz was rocking–didn’t break a sweat! We’ll start together on Saturday, I’ll let her finish, and then maybe I’ll hop on the “sag wagon” and get a ride to the finish line. I at least want to walk the lap for the Indy 500.

I’ve let my poor body get pretty out of shape, but no more! My Wii Fit age was 40 this morning, so I’m feeling pretty good about being 57! Onward and upward.

Suicidal Squirrels

This post is for all the suicidal squirrels who are running in front of my car today: Don’t despair, take heart, spring will be here soon. Think about your loved ones and all you still have to do in your life–wires to chew, nuts to bury in gardens, plants to dig up….on second thought, never mind.

The “BLM” theory of work behavior

Today I had lunch with Hannah, and she elucidated a very interesting theory for me. Known as the “BLM” theory of work behavior (at least in her household, since her husband made it up), it explains the way a lot of people behave (i.e., annoying people). The name comes from the summer that Hannah’s hubby worked for the BLM as a firefighter. The agreement in the group was that they would do the job in a way that would not encourage further work assignments–in other words, just the bare minimum, with perhaps some mistakes–not enough to get fired, but enough so that someone would think twice to call on them the next time.

So, a more practical application: suppose Paul asks me to wash his clothes. I willingly agree to do it, but then I turn the dryer on high and don’t take them out–so they are all wrinkled. I can’t be faulted for not doing it–I’ve just done it in such a way that I’m unlikely to be asked again (thus saving me a great deal of time in the future!)

I’ve always assumed that when things like this happen in my life (when I’m on the asking side) that a poor job is accidental–the person just isn’t good at it. But what if that person just doesn’t want to do it and this is her (sorry, men, but more often his) way of getting out of it? How very brilliant and evil?! Why didn’t I think of it before? Luckily, I still have plenty of time for implementation! 🙂

Happy Birthday to Me!

Once again, it’s time to change the title of my blog. It will now be “Fantastic at 57” to keep up with my steadily increasing years.
Paul gave me a Wii this morning–Yay! I can’t wait to figure out how to plug it in, make an avatar, and begin to use the “Wii Fit” portion to transform myself. OK, maybe my expectations are slightly high for what a video game can do.
Right after work we’re going to Chicago to go to the Green Zebra for dinner–a vegetarian place. Then we’ll hang out with David and Susan for the weekend. Can’t wait!