Cozumel, here I come

I’m starting to allow myself to get excited about going on the cruise to Mexico. It has seemed so far away, that I just haven’t let myself think about it too much. I have such a good imagination (aka am so neurotic) that I have managed to think about all the things that could go wrong:
1. We could hit an iceberg, like the Titanic did (not too likely, since we’re in the Carribean).
2. We could get attacked by pirates (again, we’re nowhere near Somalia).
3. I could get motion sickness (this one is a distinct possibility, but I have my sea bands as well as patches to wear behind my ears. People say on ships this big seasickness is unlikely–but you never know!)
4. I could fall overboard and no one would notice (I’m hoping the walls are armpit high).
5. We could get delayed and miss our debarkation (possible, but not too likely, since the weather on that day is supposed to be pretty good).
6. People might not have a good time or find anything to do on the ship (a silly worry, since I’m not traveling with morons).
So now that I’ve put all that to rest, here is what I am looking forward to:
1. Going down the slide in the swimming pool.
2. Sitting in the hot tub where there are no kids allowed.
3. Getting all dressed up for dinner one night.
4. Seeing the shows.
5. Watching Mike do karaoke.
6. Seeing Mayan ruins in Costa Maya.
7. Going to a butterfly sanctuary in Cozumel.
8. Having a hot fudge sundae.
9. Walking with Liz on the track on the ship.
In short, I am getting excited.
I realized how lucky I am to be going when I was at the drug store over my lunch break today trying to decide which sunscreen to buy. It has been frigid, snowy, icy, rainy, foggy, and everything in between for the past week, and as I was trying to decide a woman came up behind me and said, “Oh, I am so jealous that you need to buy sunscreen! You must be going someplace warm!” And I thought, “I SHOULD start getting more excited. It’s 82 degrees in Cozumel!” I’m excited.


2 responses to “Cozumel, here I come

  1. As far as I’m concerned, here are all of the things that could possibly go wrong:

    1. The yoga classes might be a different type than I really like to do

    2. The food might be too good and I might eat a lot and then try to wear a swimsuit

    3. We could end up having trouble deciding which of the many restaurants and swimming pools to go to

    4. We might find too much fun stuff to do in Cozumel and not have enough time to do it all

    5. I might luxuriously bask in the sun for too long and get a sunburn

    … that’s all I can come up with for now. By the way, these are also all things I am looking forward to! I’m so excited!

  2. You’re right! (as usual) I am very excited–can’t wait to see you!

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