My cool Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at my my house was pretty darn amazing! We ate pretty much the same things everybody else did (sorry, though, the pies were the best in the world, baked by Liz and Sarah). I don’t know how many people ate tofurkey, but ours was pretty awesome–we also consumed 2, yes count them 2 poor turketys–there were 27 of us. We did a lot of the same activities other people do, but I suspect some were fairly original.

For instance, Mike brought his equipment that records on plastic cups (care had to be taken not to drink out of records!) Over the course of a few days:
We had quartets and quintets.
We played multiple games of Boggle and Scrabble and a few of Mexican Train with dominoes
We took a trip to Battleground and went to the museum
We had a 5-inning whiffleball game at church
We consumed 2 packages of m and m’s, one very large container of red vines and 9 pies
Mike worked on assembling a tea-serving robot
Greg put the wires in the right places in our new tv
Noah and Soren watched a number of episodes of Spongebob Squarepants
We went to two movies that were both so bad they shall not be mentioned on this site
We consumed unfortunate amounts of Diet Coke and Sprite
Kerin fell down our stairs
Kerin’s mom, Timmy, washed dishes for more than an hour
Paul H. went running every day
I fixed multiple meals
Rachel played her clarinet in a Mozart quintet that sounded heavenly

It was a wonderful holiday and now I’m back to my real life. I have 5 loads of laundry to do and yesterday I had to call my cleaning lady to tell her my house was too messy for her to come! It was all worth it. I have such a wonderful family!


One response to “My cool Thanksgiving

  1. I am assuming that your kitchen is completed and it has now passed its first test. Either the kitchen or you are pretty darm amazing to have catered and cookd to a house full for the holiday. Go Barbara!

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