Monthly Archives: November 2008

Rabid Foxes and Joe the Plumber

Whenever I’m feeling sorry for myself I’m going to try to think of the woman in Prescott, Arizona who was attacked by a rabid fox this week while she was jogging. Wanting to make sure it was tested for rabies, she ran for a mile while it was clamped onto her arm! Then she pried it off and put it in the trunk–and the animal control dude was bitten as well, presumably trying to get the thing out of the trunk.

But truly, what a woman–I would love to meet her. I hope that someone spends as much time trying to get her on TV as they did “Joe the Plumber.” She has actually DONE something, while Joe seems to have not done anything much–including pay taxes or become an actual plumber!

I am hoping that guy’s 15 minutes of fame are up!


I now live in a blue state!!!

Indiana, I am proud of you! For the first time in 40 years, Indiana’s electoral votes have been cast for a Democrat. I am so proud of my country for electing a man who is smart and morally wise. I think he will have a hard time fixing the messes that have been created, but I have a lot of hope that he will be a successful president.