Homeward Bound

I’m in Minneapolis at a conference–it just ended and I’m exhausted. I brought 3 books with me to read (all are being considered for a freshman read at Purdue). Does anyone have an opinion about:

1. The Omnivore’s Dilemma
2. Three Cups of Tea
3. Lottery

As a sidenote–happy birthday to Greg! He’s now 28. His birthday was actually yesterday, the 24th. “Here’s a big shout out to Greg” (that is said with a Sarah Palin accent and a big wink!)


3 responses to “Homeward Bound

  1. The Omnivore’s Dilemma is incredible. It covers the current state of our food chain in the U.S. from a curious, scientific point of view. The four parts of the book each trace the history of a meal: first, a McDonald’s dinner (leading through the industrial food chain, comprising the largest section of the book), an industrial organic meal (investigating the seemingly contradictory organic factory farm), a local, grass-based meal (looking at one sustainable farm which uses grass as the primary energy source for the system) and a meal which is hunted and gathered. The author is not vegetarian and covers the issue of animal rights from a (to me) fresh perspective, that is, taking a close look at the animals within each of the four systems, and our human relationship with them. Pollan considers food from so many different angles, including our food culture, traditions, the health of humans and nature’s biological systems, how food corporations make profits, and even the history of U.S. agriculture that resulted in a huge surplus of cheap corn. Earl Butz even gets his own section of the book. I could talk about this book forever, and have been talking about it to everyone I know ever since I read it. I haven’t heard of the other two, but this would be a great one for freshmen to read, IMO.

  2. Thanks, Rachel! I have read the first 25 pages or so–it’s good!

  3. I have been wanting to read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma. A lot. Unfortunately, studying takes up too much time to actually read. Funny that.
    I tried reading “Three Cups of Tea” and couldn’t get past the incredibly dry first chapter.

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