Crucified Goose

I’m in Michigan for a few days (Scrabble tourney and then a conference related to work). When I was driving up yesterday it was beautiful. The trees are turning, and it was clear and bright. Ahead of me on the freeway was a school bus that seemed to be brand new. There were several of them, and they all had Georgia license plates, and no children on board. I was driving behind the bus in question and I saw a goose take off from the median and head for the other side of the road. I watched to see where it went and I couldn’t see it. I wondered if the bus had hit it, but I didn’t see it on the road. I forgot about it for several minutes, and then I pulled past the bus. I looked into my rearview mirror and there it was–the poor goose, looking like a cartoon goose, with its wings splayed out to the side, plastered to the grill of the bus. Poor, poor goose!


5 responses to “Crucified Goose

  1. I love that story!

  2. Ok, I sentencet you to watch PeeWee’s big Adventure at Thanksgiving!

  3. Dead birds have been crossing my path for the past couple weeks … what does this mean? Last week, I came across a little bird that had accidentally flown up to the 3rd floor stairwell in the building where my office is. It was flying from one window to another, and I decided, stupidly, that I should try to catch it and release it outside to save it from flying into the window and killing itself. When I attempted to get closer to it to catch it, it promptly flew into the window and killed itself. I felt horrible.

  4. Ohhhh–that is sad! I had a two month period a few years ago where I hit and killed a deer, a dog, and then, tragically, two birds that were having sex in the middle of the road!

  5. Survival of the fittest?

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